What is Hypur?

Hypur is a cashless payment option. You pay with funds straight from your bank account – no prepaid account, cryptocurrency, or weird work-around schemes. Hypur is free for our customers to use.

Why can’t I use my credit or debit card?

The branded card networks include cannabis and CBD on their list of prohibited transactions. To get the same convenience, Hypur lets you pay electronically directly from your bank account to ours.

How do I sign up with Hypur?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play or sign up from your browser here. Enter your email and personal details (all your data is encrypted and kept secure). Create a 4-digit Personal Access Code (PAC) used to authorize purchases. Link your bank account (Hypur does not store your username or password). Verify your email address. From start to finish, most users complete the sign-up process in less than five minutes.

Why do they need my SSN?

Your social security number is needed to confirm your identity and payment source.. Rest assured that this information is never shared and that Hypur has security safeguards in place that are beyond industry requirements. To learn more about Hypur’s security, click here.

Why do I need to login to my bank account?

Hypur works by letting you pay electronically directly from your bank account to ours. In order to make the transaction, you need to login to your bank and link the desired account.

Hypur isn’t working! What do I do?

Hypur offers unlimited support! Simply send the customer support team an email at support@hypur.com or call them at 480-500-1974.


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