The Vapor Room believes in the inherent physical, emotional, and social healing properties of cannabis and is a firm supporter of the Compassionate Use Act of California. Our core values are based on these beliefs and are represented below:


The Vapor Room is governed by compassion for its customers. Everything we do must pass the test of providing meaningful benefit to our customers and the community.


We strive to ensure exceptional quality of our products and services as well as on our business operations.

Local Focus

We intend to be an exemplary neighborhood partner and a strong advocate for locally focused civic and community engagement.


We recognize our role as a legacy MCD often looked to as a role model for other dispensaries, and that we must function as a productive participant within the larger cannabis advocacy community.


We operate to be of beneficial service to our members, the community, and the local organizations in our Community Benefit Program.


Safety is a value we apply to our products, services offered, facility and every aspect of our operations.


We strive with the assistance of our legal team to properly interpret and integrate state and local laws regarding therapeutic cannabis on behalf of our customers.


We place a strong emphasis on ensuring diversity throughout our operations. We are an equal opportunity employer and will proactively create opportunities for diverse populations to be gainfully employed.


Our new location complies with all New Construction ADA requirements set forth by the City. We will ensure accessibility for all our members.