420: Specials and Events

4 days of discounts and Puffin’ Tough


Get your Vaporizers, bowls, bongs, skins, and munchies ready for a 4 day 4/20 sale!


Now accepting Debit/Credit Cards!

Just a friendly reminder that we are now accepting ATM & Debit cards and Visa/ Mastercard credit cards (if they have a PIN, which you can set up quickly by calling the number on the back of your credit card). There is a $1 fee from the service provider and your bank may or may not charge you an ATM convenience fee. Please feel free to take advantage of this new feature of our delivery service!

Now Accepting New Members

We are gladly taking new applications for membership to the Vapor Room Cooperative. You can now join our Cooperative online by CLICKING HERE to reach our New Member Registration Form  and follow the instructions. You can also choose instead, to fax us your Therapeutic Cannabis Recommendation (TCR) and proof of CA residency at 415 813 5434. A VRC Staff Member will contact you once we’ve verified your TCR with your doctor’s office. To become a member of the Vapor Room Cooperative you must have a valid, written California Doctor’s Recommendation for therapeutic cannabis use (TCR), and valid California identification or proof or California residency. We strongly recommend that you also obtain the State of California medical cannabis verified ID card from the State Department of Health Services.


The Vapor Room Cooperative is proud to announce the launch of our newly revamped website! Accessible on your smartphone or computer www.vaporroom.com has wealth of information and resources, features a live Menu, Calendar of our Services, and News on our Blog.  It is a great source to stay up to date with the current activism, laws and medical developments that surround our movement. So whether your curious about how to become a member, or if you’re already a member and want to check out the menu and schedule a free delivery, there’s something for everyone.